3 November 2016

The impressive history of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH ( “GTV”) continues in its new headquarters in Turin.

The timeless elegance of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH ( “GTV”) creations is now in the heart of Turin. Run for some years by the Italian Production Furniture International company, the ownership of which has always been deeply linked to the Piedmont capital, the historic Viennese brand has recently moved its headquarters to Via Foggia 23/H in the Aurora district of Turin.

The district, a former industrial village adjacent to the historic town centre, has undergone a profound transformation in recent years with the establishment of major firms and art galleries that have turned it into a new industrial and socio-cultural centre, a virtuous example of urban regeneration.


In addition to housing offices and logistics, the new Turin headquarters, which occupy a converted industrial space at the centre of a just completed radical restructuring, accommodate the new showroom featuring large windows that overlook the street.


Inside, a wide selection of the most recent proposals of the brand is on display, a symbol of the renewed alliance with the world of design which had already started in 2013, through the constant introduction of new products created by leading designers on the international scene, reinterpreted in a contemporary key of the bentwood tradition and the result of careful design research.

As a way of recounting the brand’s great history and passion, the showroom also displays a fascinating selection of historical items directly from the “Thonet” museum owned by GTV in Friedberg, Styria, a reference point for the company history, where testimonies, curiosities and the most representative original pieces of the company find their rightful collocation.


In addition to architects, interior designers and contractors, the showroom will also be open to the public, offering the opportunity for directly purchasing pieces from Wiener GTV Design’s contemporary collection.


Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (“GTV”)

Via Foggia, 23H – 10152 TORINO

Tel +39 0110133330

[email protected]


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