Stools & Benches

Designer: F. Mello e L. Agostini
Year: 2016

RUHERING is the result of Wiener GTV Design meeting the eclectic, artistic mind of Franco Mello. It is an original multi-functional piece specifically conceived to furnish lounges and public spaces. It merges and re-interprets two of the Thonet style’s most iconic pieces: chair No.1 – designed by Michael Thonet in 1850 and to this day the archetype of the universally recognised chair – which in RUHERING is de-structured and freed from its backrest; and the Kleiderständer clothes hanger, a 1904 design which takes centre stage in this exclusive creation, allowing RUHERING to perform two different functions. In the catalogue, RUHERING appears in lacquered black; however, this multi-chair is customisable for single projects and is the perfect example of WIENER GTV DESIGN’s ability to meet the requirements of the world of contract design.

Dimensions mm

Height 1850
Width 1350
Depth 1350
Seat Height 450


Data Sheet 3D-Model 2D-Model

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