Stools & Benches

Designer: Martino Gamper
Year: 2015

The light and playful circus theme is at the core of the Cirque family of stools designed by Martino Gamper for Wiener GTV Design. The bent element, which is the brand’s signature trait, is surprisingly and unexpectedly inserted in the base of the stool, forming the outline of the seat in the form of a chain comprising two or three wooden rings that loop around the full length of the stool legs. This striking styling effect blends in seamlessly with the functionality of the seat, which is available in two heights: a tall, sleek stool with or without backrest, Cirque L and Cirque M, and the stable and well-proportioned low stool, Cirque S.
Also available in an original version with rings in a brass finish.

Dimensions mm

Hight: (L) 970, (M) 780,(S) 470
Width: (L) 440, (M) 440 , (S) 410
Depth: (L) 440, (M) 440, (S) 410
Seat Hight: (L) 780,  (M) 780, (S) 470
Arm Hight: (L) 970


Data Sheet 3D Model 2D Model


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