Nuzul Al Salam Boutique Hotel

Nuzul Al Salam Boutique Hotel


Name of location: Nuzul Al Salam Boutique Hotel

Designer: Ammar Basheir

Photo by: Vyu Studios

Client: Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development

Address: Muharraq, Bahrain

Scope of work: FF&E package

Furniture procured by: H&H Studio

Fabrics: YVETTE Fabric Kvadrat Twill Weave 230 / RUE Fabric Kvadrat Twill Weave 120 / MOS Fabric Kvadrat Steelcut TRIO 3 col.976 / RUHERING Fabric Kvadrat Hallingdal 65 col.754 / SUZENNE Fabric Kvadrat Remix 2 733 / TARGA SOFA 200 Fabric Kvadrat Twill Weave 940 / TARGA SOFA 160 Fabric Kvadrat Remix 2 123 / TARGA LOUNGE Fabric Kvadrat Steelcut TRIO 3 col.453 / N.0 Fabric Kvadrat Remix 2 933 / N.0 Fabric Kvadrat Remix 2 982 / N.0 Fabric Kvadrat Skye 551 / WIENER STUHL Fabric Kvadrat Steelcut TRIO 3 col.746 / MORRIS HIGH Fabric Kvadrat Skye 981 / MORRIS LOW Fabric Kvadrat Hallingdal  65 col.754 / TARGA LOUNGE Fabric Kvadrat Harald 3 443 / TARGA LOUNGE Fabric Kvadrat Harald 3 772


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